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Imagine… A ROTH IRA with

  • No Contribution Deadline
  • Tax Free Withdrawals Anytime
  • No contribution Limits
  • No Income Restrictions
  • Fully Funded in Only Five Years
  • Creditor and Lawsuit Protected
  • Bank Loan of $3 for Every $1 Contributed
  • Interest Rate as Low as LIBOR + 1.75%
  • No Personal Liability on the Loan
  • No Annual Loan Payments
  • Money in the Event of Critical or Chronic Illness
  • Death Benefit in Excess of Account Balance

Market Participation with Principal Protection

(market gains locked in and won’t be lost)

While Congress has not made this possible with a ROTH IRA, The Kai-Zen 162 Executive Benefit PlanTM can provide these advantages and many more. Similar to a ROTH IRA, contributions to The Kai-Zen PlanTM are made with after-tax dollars, so like the ROTH, individuals do not receive a tax deduction for their contributions. Also, similar to a ROTH, contributions to The Kai-Zen PlanTM grow on a tax-free basis. But that is where the similarity ends and The Kai-Zen PlanTM truly excels past a ROTH.

How is This Possible?

The Kai-Zen 162 Executive Benefit PlanTM is a leveraged Section 162 Bonus Plan that allows participating owners and executives to significantly increase their Retirement savings while providing valuable death benefit coverage to protect against life's uncertainties. Through the use of specially designed insurance policies and arrangements with financial institutions, borrowed funds are used to provide increased death benefits with a funding model that creates cash reserves which can be accessed to supplement retirement income. The Kai-Zen PlanTM showcases the combined IBG/NIW core competencies of utilizing aggregation and leverage to create a powerful financial benefit for

  • Business Owners
  • Management & Executives
  • Professionals
  • Franchisees
  • Independent Contractors
  • Sales Executives and Many Others
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