Who We Serve

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We Serve People

Andrew Carnegie was right. He recognized that the most valuable asset of any successful enterprise is the people that make it work. Whether we are serving employers, employees, or families our first priority is the people we serve. The obstacles faced by smaller enterprises is their inability to afford the technology and professional staff of attorneys, actuaries, economists, accountants, financing and benefits professionals who develop the custom benefits and risk reduction strategies for large corporations. A.R.G. brings these multidisciplinary professionals together to work specifically for small to mid-size organizations – to level the playing field when competing against their larger counterparts.

Small and Mid-Market Specialists

Although we serve clients of all sizes we have a special place in our hearts for public and private sector employers with 2-500 employees. We also devote significant resources to solving the unique challenges of the self-employed, independent contractors and franchisees. We recognize that all employers are not the same, therefore all benefit and risk management solutions are not the same. We approach each employer and each market segment taking into account the nuances and peculiarities of each client – doctors are not the same as lawyers, manufacturers are not the same as service providers, athletes are not the same as entertainers, and businesses are not the same as governments.

  • Proprietary Plans

    Access to the proprietary and custom plans designed by IBG Benefits Management Co. and available exclusively through A.R.G. Affiliate Firms.

  • Advanced Case Design

    Access to a deep bench of Attorneys, Actuaries, Accountants, Insurance, Risk Management, Health Benefit professionals and more.

  • Technology

    Advanced technology resources including electronic quoting, enrollment, HR administration portals, Employee benefit websites and more for employers of all sizes.

  • Retirement

    Retirement planning strategies designed to help you maintain the lifestyle you expect. We offer both traditional and non-traditional planning options, some of which you may never have thought possible.

  • Life and Disability

    Planning for the unexpected is never easy but it is necessary. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and we can help you develop a financial plan to make sure your family is provided for if your career is cut short.

  • Health Care Reform

    Much has been written about health care reform but what does it really mean for you and your family? We understand and can help employees and individuals know all of their options so they can make the right decisions..