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Innovative Solutions

Allied Risk Group offers clients the same life, health, annuity, property, casualty insurance and investment options as any other benefits firm. But, what really sets us apart from the pack are the Innovative Solutions we bring to the table along with the services and infrastructure to simplify delivery. Innovative Solutions that are not available elsewhere.

At A.R.G we take pride in our ability to move out of the box, challenge conventional wisdom and go the extra mile to help clients achieve their objectives.

Through an exclusive arrangement with our parent company, Innovation Benefits Group, A.R.G. Advisors have access to a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys, actuaries, economists, life and health insurance professionals who are constantly developing cutting edge Innovative Solutions. A.R.G. Advisors are able to provide all their clients, large and small, with custom plan designs that have previously been reserved for Fortune 500 size corporations. Clients and Advisors have access to

  • Personalized Benefit Plan Designs
  • Online Group Benefit Enrollments
  • Financial Planning for Business Owners
  • Customer Services Support For Employees
  • HR Benefits Administration Portal
  • Customized Benefits Portal For Employees
  • HR Compliance Resources
  • Benefits And Business Technology Solutions


Consulting – As a consulting firm, A.R.G. assists clients in developing and implementing personalized employee benefit and risk management solutions, including advising and assisting clients in implementing

  • Health Insurance Strategies
  • GASB & FASB Funding Solutions
  • Single-, Multiple-, and Multi-Employer Plans
  • Professional Employee Organizations
  • Asset Protection Plans
  • Captive Insurance Companies


Compliance – The ability to navigate the waters between state and federal requirements and between ERISA and the tax code is the hallmark of A.R.G. compliance services. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that all aspects of a client’s plan are designed and implemented in strict compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and accounting standards. Our in-house legal staff maintains an extensive library of legal and regulatory compliance materials to ensure that all plans are administered in compliance with the ever changing laws.


Marketing – As a marketing firm, A.R.G. offers proprietary and innovative solutions including Kai-Zen Plan, Health Options Plus Plan, 401Rx Plan, The ARC Trust and The ABIL Plan. We are regularly called upon by independent professional advisors to develop unique financial planning and benefit solutions for their clients.


Technology – Our technology team has decades of experience in developing IT solutions for some of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the nation. Working with clients we are able to develop proprietary technology solutions to streamline enrollment and day-to-day benefits administration.

Global Resources

Global Resources – Strategic relationships with some of the world’s largest insurance companies and financial institutions allows A.R.G. to deliver world class employee benefits services and strategies.

A Whole New Way of Thinking...
  • Health Options PlusTM

    The Health Options PlusTM Health Assurance Plan is a new approach to self funded health plans - going beyond mere insurance to keep employees and their families healthy and keep employer costs low. Employees and Employers typically save 10-30% from fully insured plans.

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  • The Kai-Zen PlanTM

    The Kai-Zen PlanTM takes advantage of the power of leverage (other people's money) to allow business owners, professionals, key employees and others to significantly increase their retirement savings while at the same time providing a significant death benefit in the event their career is prematurely cut short.

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  • The ARC TrustTM

    The ARC TrustTM is an employee benefit trust designed to assist public and private sector employers meet their pension and OPEB funding obligations under FASB and GASB rules. Unlike pension and OPEB bonds, the ARC Trust eliminates the risk of losing principal as a result of negative financial market performance.

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  • The 401Rx Plan®

    The 401Rx Plan® is a turn-key defined contribution retiree health plan designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses and governments. Business owners can contribute and deduct up to $500,000 or more in a single year. Governments can significantly reduce and eliminate their OPEB liability.

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  • The ABIL PlanTM

    The ABIL PlanTM is a wealth accumulation and estate transfer plan designed for businesses owners and other high income & high net worth individuals.

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